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 I provide counseling to individuals (ages 11 and above), couples, families, and groups.  I serve people experiencing a variety of problems and disorders.  My services include counseling individuals who are experiencing stressful life changes, anxiety, depression, family concerns, grief and loss, relational conflicts, and assistance in the areas of self-awareness or problem-solving.  I work with people who are in the midst of crises as well as those who struggle with chronic stressors.  I help couples that are experiencing dissatisfaction and conflict in their relationships.  Furthermore, I work with parents and families who are seeking to improve their relationships and create home environments that nurture and promote health and wellness.

I work from a Cognitive-Behavioral perspective influenced by Existential theory.  When clinically indicated, I will address concerns utilizing additional perspectives of:  Family Systems, Reality, Solution-Focused Theories, Adlerian, Person-Centered Theories and Gestalt.  My counseling is informed by a faith-based foundation.  Therefore, I am open to facilitating exploration of this arena of life as one facet of your personal growth experience if you so desire. When determining a client’s clinical diagnosis, I refer to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel, Volume 5.  This diagnosis becomes part of your permanent record.  It is important to realize that your insurance company also receives a copy of this diagnosis.

I am committed to provide therapy that respects the rights to self-determination.  I will seek to understand the concerns from your perspective and work in collaboration with you to find effective outcomes.  I will utilize particular approach(es) that I believe will assist you and me in our journey towards attaining desirable goals.  Together we will work to (1) set realistic goals, (2) develop a clear plan for helping you reach your goals, and (3) work with you to help you meet those realistic goals.  Periodically, we will evaluate our progress and if necessary, redesign our treatment plan, goals, and methods.

My desire is that you will be committed and engaged in the therapeutic process.  It is important to realize that your active involvement in the counseling process will be a significant determinant of successful outcome.

People come to counseling because they want something to be different in their lives.  They may want to solve a particular problem, change their family situation, or find support and comfort.  The counseling process can be enjoyable and rewarding, but at times it can also be very challenging, difficult, and even painful.  However, the goal will always be to bring about positive change.  As with any successful intervention, there are both benefits and risks associated with counseling.  Risks may include experiencing uncomfortable feelings such as:  anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt, frustration, and/or having difficulties with other people.  Some changes may seem to lead to worsening circumstances initially, but over time, with consistent responses, improvement should be experienced.

Our initial meeting, we will assess your current needs and concerns, and decide if we can work together to address them.  We will evaluate the results of our work together, and determine the need for additional sessions, termination, or outside referral for further counseling or assistance.  Please discuss with me any questions or concerns that may arise during the course of our work together so that I can support you in your efforts to achieve your goals.

If at any point, you are not benefiting from counseling services or have met your therapeutic goals, then we will end our counseling relationship.  If at any time you require services beyond what I can competently provide (i.e. psychological testing or medical evaluation), then I will refer you to another professional or agency.  You, as the client, may discontinue counseling services at any time as this is not a contract for services.

Issues included but not limited to:

Anxiety Disorders
Career/ Job Displacement
Children & Adolescent Issues
Communication Problems
Divorce & Separation
Grief and loss
Life Enrichment
Marital & Family Relationships
Stress Management
Abuse/Neglect Issues
Spiritual Issues
Women’s Issues
Conflict Resolution
Premarital Counseling