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Is this for me?

There are many reasons why people seek out professional help. Most people only think about therapy when they have exhausted all their other resources, but seeking therapy should not have to be a last ditch effort.

Therapy is a personal choice that can help you if you are: looking for new direction for your life, struggling with pain from the past, in need of some hope and comfort, pursuing personal growth and change, dealing with life stressors, or chronic psychiatric or physical illnesses.

Therapy provides support, healing, encouragement, and positive change and growth. Therapy is not about me solving all your problems; it is about you realizing that you may need some additional support as you navigate through difficult and/or unfamiliar situations and life events.

Therapy is for anyone that welcomes change and needs something in their life to be different…..The following list contains just some of the reasons that people seek therapy. You may want to consider therapy if any of the following apply to you.

• You feel very sad or depressed over a period of time
• You have thoughts of hurting yourself or others
• You worry or are fearful in ways that interfere with your life
• You feel uninterested in activities that you enjoyed in the past
• You are stressed by a chronic illness – your own or a loved one’s, especially if you’re a caregiver
• You are having difficulty coping with the death of a loved one
• You have suffered a trauma, such as rape, abuse or accident
• You are having difficulty coping with a recent major life change
• You are having trouble sleeping or are sleeping too much for no obvious reason
• You have no appetite or are eating too much for unknown reasons
• You have recently developed great difficulty in paying attention or concentrating
• You have a past history of mental illness

• You are experiencing stress in your life related to your relationships with others, your job or caring for your children
• You have been hearing or seeing things that others do not hear or see
• You have difficulty effectively expressing feelings
• You have beliefs that seem false to others
• Your thinking feels disorganized
• Your children do not listen to you
• Your find yourself getting angry and/or exploding on others
• You do not have a desire to be intimate with your spouse
• You and your spouse disagree in how to discipline the kids
• You have problems saying “no” and/or setting healthy boundaries with others
• You know that you enable others to continue destructive behaviors & you don’t know how to change this pattern